LSG, in conjunction with in conjunction with Itoo Special Risks (Pty) Ltd, have put together a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for Property Practitioners. With Agent Sure you buy Peace of Mind for only R60 per month. The introduction of the Consumer Protection Act provides the consumer with protection. The question is “Who provides the Property Practitioner with Protection?” the answer “Agent Sure”


Agent Sure

  • Limits Aggregate Excess Annual Premium Monthly Premium
    5,000,000 5,000 720.00 (Inclusive of VAT and Fees) 60.00 (Inclusive of VAT and Fees)

    Retro Cover (New Clients Only)

    retroactive date, or retroactive insurance, is a feature of claims-made policies(professional liability or errors and omissions) that determines whether your policy will cover losses that occurred in the past.
    No of Years Loading
    1 +   720.00
    2 +1,200.00
    3 +2,000.00


    Extension Excess Limit per Claim Policy Period Limit
    Criminal and Statutory Defence costs  2,500 500,000 Aggregate
    Defence Cost to appear before a regulatory or statutory body  2,500 500,000 Aggregate
    Defamation 15,000 2,500,000 Aggregate
    Loss of Documents  250 250,000 Aggregate
    1. Annual Premium paid monthly
    2. Renewable each year
  • Insured Person
  • Policy Holder Protection Data (Compulsory)
  • The income disclosed needs to be for a 12 month period and should be in line with your financial year. Accurate income figures are required.
  • - Any claim/s being made or settled?
    - Any circumstance/s that could lead to a claim being reported to Insurers?
  • I hereby authorise LSG Insurance Services or its authorised administrator to debit my account with the agreed monthly Insurance premium and collection fee. I understand that should my payment not be received by LSG Insurance Services or its authorised administrator by the 15th, there is no Insurance cover from the 1st day of that month and the Insurance policy will be cancelled, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Notice: Debits cannot be raised through FNB Savings, Master Card Holders or account numbers exceeding 13 digits
    • I/we declare that after proper enquiry the statements and particulars given above are true and that I/we have not miss-stated or suppressed any material fact.
    • I/we agree that this Proposal Form, together with any other material information supplied by me/us shall form the basis of any contract of insurance affected thereon.
    • I/we undertake to inform underwriters of any material alteration to these facts occurring before the completion of the contract.
    • I/We understand that submitting this electronic declaration form will from the basis of this contract.
    •  I/We understand that the Binding Fee included in the premium relates to services provided and hereby consent to such fee.
    • Insurance is not bound until accepted by insurers
    • Only property in South Africa
    • I/We understand that in order to provide you with insurance, we must process your personal information. We will share your personal information with other insurers, industry bodies, credit agencies and service providers. This includes information about your insurance, claims and premium payments. We do this to provide insurance services, prevent fraud, assess claims and conduct surveys. We will treat your personal information with caution and have put reasonable security measures in place to protect it. By electronically submitting this form, you agree to the processing and sharing of your personal information.
    Copy of policy wording available on request.


R60 per month R5 million cover..

LSG Insurance Services (Pty) Ltd In conjunction with Itoo Special Risks (Pty) Ltd have put together a Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme for Estate Agents which includes an option to reinstate the limit if necessary. Excess R5,000

What is covered?

Insurers will indemnify You in respect of claims made against You during the period of insurance for:

  • Any negligent act, error, omission, misrepresentation, misstatement whenever or wherever committed or alleged to have been committed, by You;
  • Any unintentional breach of confidentiality, trust, authority, privacy whenever or wherever committed or alleged to have been committed, by You;
  • Any unintentional infringement of intellectual rights, names, title, marks, secrets, patents, ideas or possession, whenever or wherever committed or alleged to have been committed, by You;
  • Any defamation by You;
  • Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious, criminal act or omission committed by You;
  • The accidental destruction, loss, mislaying of or damage to, Third Party Property entrusted to You or in Your custody and control;
  • Acting upon or dealing in or with any Third Party Documents or Third Party Property, in good faith, which subsequently is proven to have been forged, fabricated, stolen or otherwise tainted;